Spectro Oil U.SP414 Platinum Full Synthetic,1 Pack
Spectro Oil U.SP414 Platinum Full Synthetic,1 Pack




  • Ultimate synthetic engine lubricant 100% Synthetic Group IV PAO
  • Absolute Highest Quality Synthetic on the Market, Batch blended, using Spector's G4 Technology
  • Increases throttle response and horsepower
  • Engines run cooler and transmissions benefit from smoother, quieter shifting
  • For street or track Safe for wet clutch applications Exceeds all known manufacturers' warranty requirements and recommendations, including API SJ/JASO MA/MA2
  • Fit type: Universal Fit

Platinum 4 Full Synthetic is the ultimate synthetic engine lubricant. Exceeds all known motorcycle manufacturer’s warranty requirements, plus A.P.I. SL/JASO MA/MA2. Smoother shifting, reduced friction, increased horsepower, highest shear stability. For street or track.

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