Lockstraps LS10300 Bar Cuffs
Lockstraps LS10300 Bar CuffsLockstraps LS10300 Bar Cuffs


  • The Bar Cuffs were designed to protect your bike handle bars grips when you need to transport your motorcycle or secure it with tie-downs for another reason. Bar Cuffs come with 3 pair of soft rubber inserts designed to be interchangeable for use on 7/8inch, 1inch and 1.25inch handle bars. Bar Cuffs also include a carry bag so you can keep them in your carry on avoid scratching your bike with a tow truck metal hooks rough tie downs, in the event you need a tow. Bar Cuffs an also be attached to your grips. Bar Cuffs have a stainless steel body under the soft rubber inserts that are rated for 2000 lbs and their tapered design allows for the Bar Cuffs to tighten its grip as you pull your straps tighter.

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