Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a rear fender for the 003 bags?

Can I make the 001R bags work on an older model?

Yes. The saddlebag rails/supports on older bikes can be modified to accept the new style bags. On bikes 2007-1996 thefix just requires basic tools and about 5 minutes per side. One 2008-2013, a Dremel tool is needed, but still about 5minutes per side.

Do your triple trees work on Road King models?

Yes* The top of the triple tree needs to be ground down in one spot to allow for clearance. The headlight nacelle ismade up of 2 halves, a spear-shaped trim piece, and a top clamp cover. The cover houses the steering lock. This is wherethe issue is. The top tree needs a small notch cut into it to allow for the nacelle to fully close.

I have a 2014-newer touring model, do your front fenders fit?

Yes. The front fenders are pre-drilled for 2013-earlier fork sliders. We have a special fender adapter that allows theinstallation on 2014-newer models. Available in black or chrome.

Will your caliper brackets fit my Dyna?

Yes. These fit all Harley models 2000-2017 with single-disk brake setups. Will work with 11.5" and 11.8" rotors (shimsincluded). Note: Will not work on narrow glide (39mm) front forks with spoke wheels.

I bought the extended rear fender kit with CVO lights. Do you have a wiring kit?

Can I mount the 2014-newer Tour-Pak on my older bike?

Yes. The bottom of the TP is flat and pre-drilled. The older mounts work, but the bottom of the TP will need minormodifications to mount up.

Do you have the part to convert my model X to a model Y?


Using lowering kit BB-LL-1000, can I go 3” lower?

We do not recommend lowering the bike 3”, unless you ride solo, and plan on racing. Gaps become way too tight toallow for proper road riding.

Do your mufflers work on my (anything other than touring model)?

No. These are specifically designed for Harley’s Touring models. However, we can source any exhaust system you maywant and in your price range.

I bought one of your tanks. I can figure out how to install the fuel pump?

I have an older, carbureted bike. Can I Install your tank?

I have the 001R saddlebags, do you have a fender kit that works?

We do, but it fits 2009-newer models.

I see that you sell a seat that works with your extended tank, but it only fits 2008-newer Touring models. Do you haveone that fits my 2007-earleir?